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Elevate Your Outdoors with Vicelandscape


Unveil the splendor of Sonoma County landscapes through the expertise of Vicelandscape's tailored services, curated to meet the unique needs of your home and family. Connect with landscape maestro Scott Vice to initiate a consultation and unlock the full potential of your dream outdoor space.

Vice Landscape's logo, a symbol of sophistication and creativity, capturing the essence of Sonoma County's natural beauty.

Our Unmatched Services:


Embark on a collaborative journey with Vicelandscape, commencing with a personalized consultation. Together, we'll craft a bespoke outdoor haven that not only amplifies your property's aesthetic but seamlessly integrates with your family's lifestyle.


Our mastery lies in crafting enduring foundations—whether it's sculpting retaining walls or adorning surfaces with exquisite stone veneer, our hardscaping services provide the groundwork for landscapes that endure and captivate.


Softscape is where enchantment comes to life. Immerse yourself in the lush embrace of meticulously manicured lawns, captivating plants, and functional outdoor kitchens, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for your family and esteemed guests.


Our commitment doesn’t end with the creation; we pledge to maintain the pristine condition of your outdoor sanctuary. Vicelandscape's expert care and maintenance services ensure your landscape remains a perpetual source of beauty and enjoyment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Unique Features:


Experience the epitome of greenery care with our state-of-the-art Efficient Irrigation Systems, designed to nourish your plants and lawns, ensuring they flourish and thrive throughout the seasons.


As the sun sets, let our Artistic Lighting transform your landscape into an enchanting masterpiece. Illuminate your surroundings with carefully curated lighting, creating a captivating ambiance that turns every night into a magical experience.


Forge your own path with our selection of Diverse Pathways. Whether you prefer the sophistication of stamped concrete, the timeless charm of flagstone, or other options, choose the pathway that best complements your outdoor haven, adding a touch of character and distinction.


Introduce an element of tranquility to your space with our Tranquil Water Features. From serene ponds to cascading waterfalls and elegant fountains, these elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also bring a sense of calmness to your surroundings.


Crafting outdoor spaces that are not just fun but also safe is our commitment. Our Family-Friendly Play Areas are meticulously designed to provide joy for your loved ones, ensuring both entertainment and safety in your outdoor retreat.

Immerse yourself in a world where every detail matters, and every feature adds to the richness of your outdoor sanctuary. Let Vicelandscape redefine your outdoor experience with these distinctive features, creating a haven that goes beyond the ordinary.

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